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To Bless Your Heart

     I’m hostessing another teen girls’ all nighter at my house this Friday night. I’ve  been doing this about twice a year for the last 2-3 years.  Often I schedule them when Paul is on a mission trip, but he’s gone back to work again, so he’s not flying off to Africa or some other place for a while. (He’s retired twice now. Third time’s a charm, and he seems to be in the charming work stage right now.  That’s another topic for another time.)  I have a theme for each all nighter, so this time, I chose my theme based upon the lovely, little chorus, “To Bless Your Heart” which is about blessing God’s heart. Oh, how could we ever bless The Blesser? Continue reading

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The “Heart Work” of Character

If character is the expression of who we really are, then character is “heart work.”

Character formation is an inside job with an outside exposure.

One of our teachers expressed to me that many of our children choose to disobey school and class rules because “their own will is more important than the consequence.”  This demonstrates Continue reading

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