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A Life of Glad Hatting

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” the Hatter asks Alice at his tea party in Alice in Wonderland. She can’t answer, but then, neither can the Hatter who replies, “I haven’t the slightest idea.” To ask “why” rather than “how” makes the question more perplexing, but such is the fun of nonsense.*1

Rather than Wonderland, we live in Mortaland (containing its share of nonsense) — this present cosmos which had a beginning and will have an ending, culminating in a New Heaven and a New Earth (Revelation chapters 21 and 22; note chapter 20 also). I’m not a hatter —¬†a milliner, a maker of hats, although Continue reading

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Seeing God’s Invisible Work; Tasting His Goodness

I had a taste, a sweet and nutritious taste yesterday of God at work in my life. His invisible hand became visible, and I tasted what His hand served. My first glimpse of His sleeve occurred the night before. Continue reading

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Vocatio: Summoned to Think, Choose, and Do

Work is a beautiful word and a satisfying action.You discover life’s positives often by tunneling through the negatives. If you have experienced debilitating illness for any period, you know the sadness (frustration, despair?) of not being able to work and the longing to work again. ¬†Serious debilitation during one season taught me to appreciate batting my eyelids, Continue reading

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